Pre-Marital Coaching


-Andrea Tang, EdS, LMHC, NCC

Premarital Coaching:
For Couples Considering Taking their Commitment to the Next Level

Congratulations! You and your partner are enjoying a committed relationship, weighing the possibilities for having a long-term future together.

As a couple, you may be feeling the excitement of planning your next stage of commitment. It could be the time for becoming more serious, or you are planning for an engagement, planning to move in together, creating a domestic partnership or even marriage.

  • You may be really enjoying your time together yet are experiencing some growing pains.
  • You may be feeling some sadness leaving the single life although you love your partner.
  • You may be noticing some added pressure from friends or family, more than you expected, which is increasing friction or tension in your relationship.
  • You love each other but you may be experiencing “cold feet”.

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Are you ready to strengthen your relationship?

If you find:

  • you feel ready for the next stage of commitment and you are looking to create a really solid foundation,
  • you want this relationship to have a fresh start – without bringing in past mistakes made with previous partners,
  • you are experiencing general growing pains as you move from one stage to another,
  • extended family appears to struggle with accepting how close you/partner feel to one another and disagreements over family have happened more often, and you feel less connected,
  • you feel stressed and overwhelmed while planning your engagement or wedding.

Communicating more effectively can be the best game changer.

Premarital coaching is a wonderful way to learn and practice new and lasting communication tools as you move your relationship to the next level.

In just a couple of sessions, you can build a more solid foundation for your future, understand the reasons behind disagreements and communicate more fully with less worry about criticism, defensiveness, and misunderstanding.

You can enjoy working and ‘playing’ as part of a team with increased knowledge, more confidence, and new skills to help you feel more at ease about your relationship.

Premarital coaching can help you both gain tools you can use when challenges arise.

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TOP 5 Benefits of Premarital Coaching

  1. Helps to prepare you for adjustments as they occur
  2. Helps get the next stage of commitment off to a really strong start- wipes away mistakes of the past so you can feel confident about choosing to commit your life to this person
  3. Helps you feel more equipped to adjust to unseen obstacles
  4. Helps you better understand why disagreements happen and communicate more fully with less criticism, defensiveness, or misunderstanding.
  5. Helps you take the time you need to uncover your partner’s thoughts/expectations of domestic partnership or marriage

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Q: Isn’t this just for people having BIG problems or couples in BAD relationships?

A: Not really. Everyone comes into a new relationship bringing with them a unique set of values, issues, mistakes, worries and pain from an earlier part of their life. It can be so powerful to learn/practice how to recognize past issues and communicate your feelings to your partner in a way that brings you closer, makes you feel more connected, stronger- like a team. This is how you keep away from being part of the category “people in BAD relationships!”

Q: Why is premarital coaching a good idea before getting married?

A: You can learn and practice being the best version of yourselves as individuals and as part of a couple before making a lifelong commitment. Premarital coaching can save you lots of heartache, pain, and years of suffering; allow you to adapt better to adjustments during your life together while staying connected- like a team.

Q: Do all therapists provide premarital coaching?

A: Not all therapists have the specific training necessary to work with couples. Before selecting someone to work with, research therapists and their experiences. My work is heavily influenced by Dr. Ellyn Bader, Dr. Peter Pearson, and The Developmental Model.  You can learn more about that approach here.

Q: What if my partner is unsure about premarital coaching?

A: Before any couple is offered sessions for premarital coaching, we will meet for a 15-minute complimentary consultation. At that time, it would be great to hear why your partner may feel unsure. That way, we can better decide if doing premarital work right now is best and if what I offer is the best fit for you.

Q: Can premarital coaching be done virtually? 

A: Yes, but meeting in person would be my first choice. Meeting in person allows for much better control over technology (yours and mine). Meeting in person allows you to get away from your usual environment. Meeting in person lets you and your partner immerse yourselves into your session(s) without the usual distractions. Meeting in person makes you both the primary focus, without pets, children, grandchildren, knocks at the front door or other home-related disturbances.

Q: How can we get started?

A: Complete the request form and you will be contacted to set up a consultation!

See What Others Are Saying!

  • "Couples work with Andrea Tang has been immeasurably helpful to our relationship. Our communication with each other has gotten so much better and helped us grow stronger as a couple. I would recommend this to any couple at any stage in a relationship."
    A.M. & K.M.
  • "Couples counseling with Andrea has helped our marriage immensely. We’ve been able to identify our own individual issues and talk through things as they happen. We learned how to communicate more effectively as a team and move our marriage in a positive direction. We wouldn’t have made it through our crisis without it."
    J.C. & T.G.
  • "Andrea is an amazing therapist who has always gone above and beyond to help my husband and me make the most of our time with her. She validates both of us without ever taking sides, which makes all the difference in the world. She is in it for us and has shown us how to be in it for each other, again. We were on the road to losing that and needed her help us get it back. We have learned how to communicate through well thought-out "role plays" that Andrea has created for us. The "ah-ha" moments happen without having to "spell out" every issue. It has been life changing for us as a couple and as individuals."
    B.M. & S.M.
  • "What an incredible and eye-opening experience we had doing a two-day intensive couple’s therapy session. Andrea is an incredible human, and I am so gracious to have crossed paths with her. She is very welcoming, has an amazing aura and comfort to her that you do not find in many. She helps you dig deeper within yourself to address certain issues. She is not only understanding but helps you get to the root of different issues with ways to manage and overcome them that you can easily tie into your daily life with some practice."
    J.S. & D.R.
  • "Andrea is a fabulous and engaging human being that honored, respected, and counseled me through some very emotional and sensitive issues. Andrea didn’t just impress me with how quickly she got to “the bottom” of my issues but touched a part of me that will be changed forever."
  • "If you are serious about seeing someone to help you work through some issues, Andrea Tang is the one! It has been awesome to work with Andrea because she is personable, approachable, non-judgmental and does not have that "mightier-than-thou" air about her. She is supportive and has a sense of humor too. Andrea is fully committed to helping you enjoy life in a healthier place."

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