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andrea tang -Andrea Tang, EdS, LMHC, NCC 

As a youngster, I loved solving puzzles. I loved the intricacies, the nuances – even the twisty turns taken to find the solution! 

My love of turning jumbled, disorganized chaos into a coherent masterpiece is alive and evident in my work as a therapist. 

If your relationship feels like all the puzzle pieces have been dumped out on the table and you no longer recognize yourself or your partner, I can help. 

Do any of the following sound familiar? 

  • You want to feel more connected to your partner 
  • You miss the spark you used to have
  • You want more from your sex life 
  • You aspire to listen more, talk less 
  • You want to be less reactive to your triggers
  • You are newly married, and you want to start your relationship off on the right track 
  • You want to feel sure that what works now will work in the future 

My combined background as a therapist, relationship counselor, teacher, and school/family counselor give me a unique understanding of why you’re struggling and how to reconnect with your partner. 

My style is warm and caring, yet motivated and single-minded in my quest to help you discover why you can’t communicate and what techniques will help you and your partner feel heard and more important to one another. 

Unlike traditional 45-60 minute sessions, I give you the tools you need in two days for effective communication. This format allows you to practice your new skills in the office so you’re ready to use them at home. 

Need help fast? Get started now. 

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