-Andrea Tang, EdS, LMHC, NCC

Since 1995, it’s been my passion to work with people struggling to rebuild their relationships with loved ones.

Over time, I enhanced my skills to ultimately provide partners a specific way of marriage and relationship coaching that can be quick, valuable, enduring. High impact therapy, or marriage/relationship intensives have worked so well for so many couples that I chose to make relationship intensives a personal specialty.

If you feel as if you and your partner struggle to connect, to communicate, or if you feel that unwanted or unhealthy patterns have interfered with your relationship, an intensive is for you. If you find yourself wishing for the old days or are exhausted from having the same repeated disagreements and want change, an intensive is for you. If you attempted couples therapy in the past and it didn’t stick, but you aren’t ready to give up on your relationship, an intensive is for you.

I work alongside you, without judgment, in a kind and caring manner with a keen eye toward the goal: to provide a safe space for you to share your feelings and experiences, to help you uncover why past/current communication styles no longer seem to work, and to help you rediscover one another and define how to you want to enjoy your relationship in the future.

"Our two-day couples intensive was definitely a life changing experience for myself and my partner. I have learned so much about myself/each other and tools to apply to our everyday life. I feel as though she has helped lift a giant burden off my/our shoulders and this time spent with Andrea has helped myself and my partner grow as individuals and together." - J.S. & D.R.

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